I wanted to be able to schedule publishing new articles here on a regular schedule. One thing I needed was to create a simple mechanism to tell the publisher which posts are upcoming and the order to publish them in.

I opted for a simple text file called publish_queue which sits in the Jekyll _drafts folder, along with the draft posts that are ready to publish and queued up, or under development for future queuing. It will likely be a YAML text file eventually, but a simple file with the name of the draft post on each line seemed a sufficient first solution. So the file looks like:


I read each line of this file into an array where each array item is the name of a post, and call a method to determine which is the next one to publish (currently the first, but later could be some other rule):

    drafts_to_publish = IO.readlines("_drafts/publish_queue").map(&:chomp)
    file = next_draft_to_publish(drafts_to_publish)

Since IO.readlines("_drafts/publish_queue") preserves carriage returns, I call .map(&:chomp) to strip those off the file names.

After I’ve published the file from _drafts to _posts and pushed the changes to the Jekyll repository on GitHub, I need to update the publish queue by calling drafts_to_publish.shift to remove the draft we just published from the publish queue:

    mark_draft_as_published drafts_to_publish

    def mark_draft_as_published(drafts_to_publish)
      File.open("_drafts/publish_queue", "w+") do |f|

About the Author

Paul is a software design and development coach and mentor. He is available for consulting and training through his company, Virtual Genius LLC. He is the author of The EventStorming Handbook and major contributor to Behavior-Driven Development with Cucumber. He is also the founder and chair for the Explore DDD conference.